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Raji Rab is the voice of the people and a man you can trust. Raji Rab is fighting your fight to end corruption, student debt, homelessness, healthcare costs, harsh late fees, APRs. People are suffering with low income & high cost of living. Families are struggling to survive on low income. We need affordable living,equality, life, safe environment, women's rights, protect seniors, veterans and housing rights. Raji Rab is fighting election integrity in court to protect our democracy. It's time for a REAL change, Vote Raji Rab for Congress.

My name is Raji Rab, and I have the honor to present myself as a congressional candidate in our 32nd district to bring a much-awaited relief to struggling communities. My life is filled with professional and personal accomplishments and evidence of delivering results. I am an aviator, educator, and an entrepreneur, but first I am a caring humanitarian. At the age of 18, I graduated with my commercial pilot license from Laverne, CA. I have been a flight instructor, chief pilot, owned and operated a flight school, an airline and now a computer infrastructure facility.

Personally, I served a lifetime, finding happiness in helping people without any compensation, which I believe is the best natural qualification to run for any political office. All my life I have been fully dedicated to helping diversified communities, and cherish an eventful experience of over 35 years, possessing sharp judgment of an aviator with an innovative approach of a modern computer age operative. I belong to a family of givers. I am proud father of a son and a daughter. My Son is a psychiatrist solving the homelessness crises in Los Angeles. My daughter serves children as a social worker in a school district.

People continue to face worst living conditions, fuel cost skyrocketing, price gouging, homelessness on the rise, with no new jobs, low pay , no affordable housing, and no relief. In this situation, I felt it my humanitarian duty to step up and fight the fight for the people, to provide relief, fundamental public rights with a decent living and equal opportunity.

I am very well known in the district, meeting and helping people, doing community events, charities, toy drives, mentoring students, serving food to the homeless, supporting schools and law enforcement programs in building bridges with the community round the year. Every day as I drive my campaign van in the valley, people show their support and enthusiasm. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, I helped people who lost their jobs in the lock down, seeking relief awareness. With my nonpartisan approach I receive support from all sides.

Over the years, I have earned the respect of all, gathered overwhelming public support, taken leadership, visible through motivated community volunteers supporting my campaign events. With loving public support, I will continue fighting and not rest till I secure a successful future for all. I entered to run for the office of U.S. Congress to fight the fight for people and lead people towards progress and relief.

I take ethical behavior as personal. I believe diversity strengthens our environment and enriches the pursuit of happiness. I am committed to reverse the downward spiral everyone is facing. My life is full of proven accomplishments, and I bring leadership to champion advancement, fairness, and real democracy

Upon being elected, I will bring immediate relief by fighting poverty and unemployment; ensure every voter is represented in U.S. Congress. Unlike special interest groups, my loyalties shall remain resolute towards public interest forever, serve all without any discrimination. I will remove detrimental conditions faced by the people with economic hardship and increasing health hazards. It is time to unite, as quality of life matters and it's time for a distinct change. I will work with all parties involved in the hazardous Santa Susana nuclear contamination that harms our district and address the Porter Ranch gas leak to eliminate present and future risks.

I will remain focused on uniting the nation and securing common ground that benefits us all. My leadership is not about blue or red, or party lines, but is about us all. The politics of division shall grow to hurt us all. I will put us on a fast track to real advancement. I will push federal funding to move homeless from unhealthy streets to a safer emergency housing arrangement. Students are our future and debt free students will raise a debt free nation. Taxation, health, housing, public safety, environment, foreign policy among other major issues need urgent resolves.

In order to address national security and terrorism issues it is necessary to change our approach to initiate strong friendly international relations to establish peace, defeat crimes against humanity. I will bring new better paying jobs, help small businesses, remove burdensome regulations, improve VA options, remove harsh APRs, and financial penalties. I will fight to save the environment, visionary prospects, ease healthcare and speed access to those seeking Medi-Cal, Medicare, and Social Security. I will help water safety and energy issues, get big businesses together for more jobs, better pay. I will help reduce federal debt and fight to improve Health Care Act for better options for all. I support peace, justice, and dignity for all. I stand to compete in goodness, fight poverty, protect constitutional rights and secure all with health, happiness, and prosperity without any discrimination, showing to the world that together we stand united, one for all and all for one.

I continue to fight in court for sanctity of the constitution, to preserve nonpartisan public trust and enforcement of Election Code section 15101(b) to deter malconduct. Malconduct is clearly prescribed as grounds for election contest under Election Code section 16100 (a). I have been working nights and days fighting for the truth in court. We are a nation of laws and advocate democracy to remotest corners of the world, but today half of our nation stands divided. Partisan officials, election process, and violations of election laws have scorched election integrity, setting nesting ground for divisions in our democracy. In this good cause I have the honor to present myself once again as your congressional candidate in District 32 CA.

I am the only candidate in District 32, CA, fighting in court and on the streets for the people. I am the only serious choice and chance against the corrupt incumbent, Brad Sherman. Congressional District 32 office has not delivered any relief nor any advancement to the people for the past so many years, instead hushed up sexual misconduct against women that faced harassment, silenced without any news coverage.

 It’s time to support the right person and your honorable endorsement for me will surely secure a good change. I will restore order so that our congressional office regains public trust, offer open doors to all. I am fighting the fight to unite us, protect the poor, promote middle class, and appreciate those who made it to the top. I will create higher paying jobs, reward job creators, offer better life to all.    I work as a team; my campaign is about innovative economic advancement. I will take us all into the future with a big leap of prosperity and advancement to make up for the years of time lost. That is my goal.

You, my friends, have a solemn duty, to vote for the same or to vote for a change. If you support decency, family values of respect and safety for women, Vote for me. If you want to unite above all discriminating factors of race, color, gender and religion, Vote for me. If you want advancement, better jobs, better health and better life for you and your children, Vote for me. From a very young age, I have been blessed with many accomplishments in my life. I am fighting the fight for your rights in court and on the streets. I care, and I will not rest till I bring the good change. I will serve you better. I appeal for your heartiest support in this good cause mission to set a better future for our children, our seniors and for us all. God bless you and God bless America.





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