I will work tirelessly towards Health, Happiness and Prosperity for all.








Integrity and Corruption is a nonpartisan issue.

Those leaders, who are a product and beneficiary of corruption and fraud will only take us down and only help special interests. In 2018, I uncovered corruption and election fraud, fought it from court to court, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Now, I am fighting it again. It’s shocking that voter party affiliation have been suddenly changed by the LA Registrar with little time for correction, creating room for unprecedented fraud. The fraud has already started, but the solution is in our own hands. It’s time to fight identity fraud, ballot fraud and election fraud. Massive election fraud is waiting at the newly developed electronic voting booths with fraud prone vote count machines, that are not federally certified. knowing years of election fraud is not going to stop, I thank my voters for working with me in securing the winning number of 125,000 votes that we already have in hand before the March 3, 2020 Primary. I am confident to win the 2020 with an overwhelming majority. Join my fight, make your vote count. Fraud corrupts everything it touches. I am a democrat with clean hands and the only congressional candidate fighting corruption and fraud. I say no one is above the law. My opponent Brad Sherman is guilty of illegal contribution from Allied Wallet, indicted by DOJ. Brad Sherman has repeatedly accepted illegal contributions from "Allied Wallet". recently charged by the Department of Justice in Multi-Million Dollar Conduit Campaign Contribution Case. This illegal money in politics must stop. Enough is enough and it's time for Brad Sherman to go. I have the fullest support of my district because when someone is robbed of their vote, when someone is controlling the entire process, then someone from community must step up and fight for their rights and let their voice be heard, let their choice be heard. We should defeat this long-time manipulation created by the monsters motivated by greed. Fair election is core of our foundation and democracy. I am therefore taking the stand and I am therefore fighting the fight for us all.



The sacred transfer of power, advancement and equality through education is the sacred key to the ultimate success of our society. Blessed with empathy, devotion and envisioning endless possibilities towards progress, I believe that students are the ultimate gateway in passing this solemn transfer of power to our next generations.  I believe in free education. I will fight for interest free student loans and student debt forgiveness programs, with an ultimate goal to make free education for all.



Growing homelessness is an alarming issue. I will attend this issue with mental health rehabilitation programs. Even those blessed with jobs are silently facing some form of poverty, struggling day and night to support their families, and living on a month to month basis. I will work with the federal government to increase homelessness relief funds for the local government to address the root cause and prevention of this painful issue. I will work with mental health agencies to address the homelessness crisis. The issue of Opioids needs attention, and I will work to bring visible change, and bring most urgent relief.




I will work to offer rewarding business opportunities, helpful business incentives, encouragement and easier relief for business communities to help boost our economy. I will work to offer much needed relief to small business from burdensome regulations. I will call upon small and large business for helpful ideas, offer incentives to help improve business conditions to create more and better paying jobs. I will work with large business entities to help support and promote local business and work to attract and keep proportionate jobs here in America.



I believe that healthcare rights are basic human rights. I will work to simplify and ease burdensome health care complexities. I strongly support Medicare for All. Sadly, the cost of prescription drugs, is very high, commonly unaffordable and must substantially 70% reduced, in view of the profits of big pharmaceuticals . This a public interest bipartisan issue but powerful pharmaceutical companies must be made a part of this for quick resolve.



With worsening living conditions and growing hardships, affordable housing has been hard to get. It’s timed for an all-out support for affordable housing to deter hardships and help struggling families. Increasing living cost is stressing our hard working middle-class in making high rent payments. I will work with federal government for relief funding to cure the issue of affordable housing. Furthermore, I will simplify and ease burdensome complexities for those seeking Social Security welfare.




I strongly support the Green New Deal.


LA's Nuclear Secret

Santa Susana Nuclear Contamination

While condemning nuclear arms abroad, here at home, we need a full cleanup of the devastating Santa Susana nuclear contamination in our West San Fernando Valley. This nuclear contamination has caused detrimental life-threatening health hazards to local communities, harming our District 30 for over 50 years without any care, attention or real relief. This issue calls out for a strict federal investigation and accountability.



I have a daughter doing her master’s in social work and wish to see women in all fields of life to succeed. I reinforce my fullest support to women empowerment and Women’s Right to choose. Women lead and serve everywhere, including law enforcement and the military services. Women deserve  every  right to decide for their health and their lives. My voice in congress will fully support women rights.



I see equality and social justice as our standards of equal values of human rights under the law, with one set of laws for everyone. I believe in equality and that everyone must have equal opportunity, physical security, education, healthcare, and employment without any discrimination whatsoever.




Our social security is in a safe setting. Debt reduction on the middle class will offer a fresh breathing space of good relief and having the wealthy help.

Share and support reasonably will creatively, quickly help reduce national debt.



I will work to offer tax relief and inspire the middle class to rejuvenate our working climate and bring a culture of team spirit to cultivate our economy with urgent relief to hardworking families surviving on month to month basis.



We need more on crime prevention, added enforcement and less jails. Additional collective efforts are needed for crime prevention with visibly added enforcement jobs, advanced rehabilitation options. We need friendly international relations and transformational leadership to remove the menace of terrorism and hateful crimes against humanity. In the most urgent interest of our national security, I will encourage collective international participation by all nations for global peace and progressing opportunity. In order to address and set our national security standards to eradicate terrorism, we need our approach to evenly extend strong and sincere, friendly international partnerships to draw a collective force that is dependable to work with, to jointly fight against terrorism and every crime against humanity. I am a huge fan of constitutional rights but a strict background checks will deter guns falling into wrong hands. Military style assault weapons should not be accessible for purchase.



Our military is the keeper of peace and it needs are non-negotiable requiring every advanced defense mechanism and logistical support to protect our homeland. Our VA needs more relief, recognition and best choice of health care options.



As global leaders, it is necessary on our part to be role models. We must exercise, preach and practice global peace and adopt measures to remove fear of war from our planet.  We must promote friendship, peace, education, health and equal opportunities leading to global progress, trusted and rewarding partnerships. As global stakeholders, we need to evenly fortify our foreign policy to justify our position as a leader of the free world to heal the cause of humanity without the defensive need for nuclear arms.



United States has always been a land of hope and equal opportunity for people all over the world, escaping worst forms of abuse, seeking refuge to save their lives, while in return enriching us with brightest cultures, minds and regions. I will uphold the great American legacy and enforce immigration laws to remove bureaucratic delays, I will expedite the process for those waiting for years to join their family here. I will pursue protection under U.S. refugee and asylum laws to all those facing a legitimate fear of persecution abroad. While I am devoted towards honorable and lawful immigration process and help compassionate cases, I will enforce strictest measures to stop criminal elements from entering our homeland. I support the due process of immigration to expedite all undocumented immigrants already here for proper crime free record   and humanitarian aid to lead a peaceful life, sharing duties and responsibilities of a healthy society. Recent historic events have shown overwhelming public solidarity to ease immigration stress, process and laws in bringing this crisis to a historic resolve.



Here in America, we are blessed with the Declaration of Independence that serves us the rights of equal opportunity. It is only upon us to value and preserve these rights, promoting peace, happiness and progress. I will work to ensure that these rights are never compromised.



People are already overburdened with day to day survival in supporting their families and crushed under harsh penalties. I will work to remove harsh and unconstitutional penalties, undue heavy traffic and parking fines and work to pleasantly reform the criminal justice system.



The political climate in Washington, D.C. remains extremely partisan and in this case only a complete refreshing and friendly change will make a difference. Years and years of the same representation and depleting conditions are part of the partisan culture. I will jump start things to bring the urgent changes with the participation of all people. I have no old commitments with special interest, no past arrangement, and no deals to keep. My loyalty is and will always remain with the American people forever. The purpose of my life is only to serve the betterment of the American families, seniors and especially our student generation.



Quality of life matters and District 30 deserve upgraded recreational facilities at our parks to enjoy peaceful and fun filled family time. I will put in my best to secure that our communities in District 30  see a noticeable advancement in our parks and recreational environment.



Even though we have some rainwater, the farming and agriculture use water supply from the Colorado River goes to the seven river basin states. Colorado River reserves are running low and California needs the same amount of water from the Colorado River, which it always needs, being more than the river can offer. The water rights need resetting in the face of our ever-growing population here in California. I would therefore work to introduce useful water reforms in the wake of the clear and present water shortages and set a fair relief for all.  



As leaders of the free world we set compassionate standards for cruelty against all forms of life. We must continue with our fullest responsibility to care and protect animals and spread the need for larger platforms to protect animals from cruelty. I will work to ensure that animal rights are enforced, honored and preserved.