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My name is Raji Rab. I am seeking your vote for the  Congressional Election in California's 30th District, to bring a much awaited relief to struggling communities. I am a seasoned aviator, an educator and an entrepreneur, but above all, I am a humanitarian. Professionally at the age of 18, I got my commercial pilot license from Laverne California, owned a flight school, an airline and operated a computer infrastructure facility. Personally, I have served a lifetime, finding happiness in helping people without any compensation, which I believe is the best natural qualification to run for any political office. With the last 16 years of my life fully dedicated to helping diversified communities, I collectively cherish an eventful experience of over 35 years, possessing a sharp judgment of a security conscious aviator with innovative approach of a modern computer age operative.

In view of growing public problems, worsening living conditions and invisible leadership, I entered the arena for the office of U.S. Congress to devote my life fighting for people and lead people towards progress and prosperity. I felt it my humanitarian duty to step up, to secure fundamental rights and to protect equal opportunity for all. I am not a typical politician and my past speaks for my future. Over the years, I have earned the respect of all, seen through motivated community volunteers supporting my campaign promotion and events. With worthy public support, I am confident to win the Congressional election and lead everyone especially our younger generation towards a successful direction.

Upon being elected, bring immediate relief fighting poverty and unemployment and ensure that everyone is well represented in U.S. Congress seeking a prosperous and peaceful life for all. Unlike special interest groups, my loyalties shall remain resolute towards public interest forever. I have dedicated my life to help all without any discrimination. I stand in complete contrast to the depleting and detrimental conditions faced by people for many years coupled with economic hardship, and increasing health hazards. It is time to unite and say that lives in West San Fernando Valley matters and it is time to vote in a fresh democratic change. Upon being elected, while controlling nuclear non proliferation abroad; I will expedite most urgent relief and clean up of the devastating Santa Susana field lab nuclear meltdown contamination causing detrimental hazards and irreparable loss to the affected communities suffering since so many years. In order to address national security and terrorism issues it is necessary to change our approach to first develop real and strong friendly international relations that are dependable to collectively fight terrorism and defeat crimes against humanity. I will expedite new better paying jobs, promote small businesses, remove burdensome regulations, offer VA more options, ease student debt and remove harsh penalties. I will most sincerely protect  the environment,  encourage visionary prospects, ease healthcare and help speed process for those needing Medi-Cal, Medicare and Social Security. I will address water safety and energy issues, bring large business together to help promote small business. I will press to reduce the federal debt and work on Health Care Act for better options to help business owners expand employment and offer suitable plans.

I am a democrat and I stand strong in support of Democratic Party platform, values and Presidential leadership. I support peace, justice and dignity for all. I stand to compete in goodness, fight poverty, protect constitutional rights and secure all with health, happiness, and prosperity. Being connected to the public is essential to a meaningful leadership and I wish to remain connected with the people. Today we may have it all, but we must Vote in the political process to become part of the government, part of the U.S. Congress and an integral part of our great country. It is time more than ever to unite above all discriminating factors of race, color, gender and religion, proving to the world that together we stand united as one for all and all for one. Please vote for me and win this Congressional Election to set a better future for our children, our seniors and for us all.

God bless you and God bless America. Thank you.







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